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Chemtrails Coordinate prin Satelit

De ce ar.merge un avion oe acest traseu decit daca are intentionally sa acopere o zona cu ceva. Aceste aviiane sent autorizate de guvern.

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The scientific and spiritual implications of psycchic abilities are evident in the continually unfolding mystery of space time in which we live.

A quiet mind has the opportunity for experiencing itself as live that is timeless etherbal and unseparated by our bodies.

Although we caanot always control the events around us we do have thenpower over how we experience those events.

At any moment we can individually and collectively affect the course of our lives by choosing to direct our attention to the aspect of ourselves that is aware and trough the practice of self inquiry to awareness itself.

We can ask Who is aware? and the Who wants to know?

The choice of where we put our attention is ultimately our most powerful freedom. Our choice of attitude and ficus affects not only our iwn perception and experiences but also the experiences and behaviors of others.

Wisdom teachers have presented worldwide to those who will listen the technique "sit down and be quiet" a practice that is available for all to observe and experience.

Mind to Mind by Rene Varcollier 

Interpretative Introduction by Russell Targ and Jane Katra. 

Quantum Physics

There are particles which bypass the speed of light. Theybare literally in two places at once. In fact theybare 8n more than two places at once.

Consciousness particles teleport themselves instantaneously.

Consciousness knows no such thing as time. It is not a prisonier to a point in time. There are no barriers to Consciousness.  It is not restricted to one body. All are one.

From "Teleportation from Star Treck to Tesla" By Commander X

Crop Circles and Anunnaki


With all the evidence. Crop circles are amazing. I seen a documentary about the CROP CIRCLES. And they caught one being created in the early morning.
There are several ORB's, a perfect sphere about 3 feet in diameter and glowing brightly. 

And the CROP CIRCLES are definitely messages.

by Enki
July 2, 2020


 Barbara Lamb reports that

*800 degree hot plasma penetrates the Earth beneath a crop-meadow.

*The plasma strikes next to water or on fields that have water under them.

*The heat hits the water, turns it to steam, which gushes up, makes the plants pliable, and twists them into meaningful patterns.

*All bugs are vaporized; porcupines caught in forming crop circles fry (Don’t get in the middle of crop circle a-forming).


The Anunnaki make ice-pictures in space and crop circles on Earth to ready us for their return.   The crop circle you see with this post spells Enki and thus proclaims his age, the Age of Aquarius, in the crop. 

Leakers, however, say the clandestine military will generate its own crop circles with HAARP technology.  HAARP crop are crap circles.

Crop circles “originate where specific minerals and iron is available in the ground and water. Information is transmitted through waves we call Reiki, blue light and vril.  These waves are sent through space.  Water presses the halm and the crop into the desired pattern. The waves inform the ferrous water and this changes the temperature at specific points within a short time. Signs in the crops show us the way and prepare us for our god-parents’ return.” [Penre, 2009:173]

Michael Lee Hill writes that

Both 432, 444 (Arcturian Frequency) and 528 hz are all super related and are all connected and are perfect overtones of one another and can explicate crop circling messages from our Maker.  

“Enki Ea” A Sumerian Anunnaki ET/God Shows Up In Recent 2011 Crop Circle! 

“The Poirino 2011 Crop Circle contains some coded information. Among other things, the outer rim contains the names “Enki Ea”, coded in ASCII. These are names of a Sumerian god: Lord of the earth, god of water, creator of mankind.  A new ASCII code was drawn in crops at Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011, and seems to identify the crop artist as “Ea” or “Enki” who was a tall, blond, extra-terrestrial god in ancient Sumeria.  At Poirino the precise number of “stars” in a crop circle formation specified E = mc2 in decimal ASCII code in a Crop Circle.  In the middle of the circle’s  a 7-pointed star, like the crop circle crop picture from Lane End Down.  That 2005 crop picture predicted the outburst of comet 17P Holmes two years later in October of 2007.

“Seven rays along the outside of that new crop picture at Poirino are written in eight-bit ASCII code, and seem to identify the crop artist as “Ea” or “Enki”, who was a tall blond extra-terrestrial god in ancient Sumeria.

“According to ancient legends, he and NINGARHSAG created modern humans by hybridizing sperm from the male gods with eggs taken from local aboriginals, already living on Earth tens of thousands of years ago. 

“The precise ASCII code which was drawn at Poirino goes as follows, reading clockwise around its large seven-pointed star:
01000101 E
01100001 a
01000101 E
01101110 n
01101011 k
01101001 i
00100000 space

“In 2010 at Poirino, the precise number of “stars” in a similar crop picture specified the famous equation E = mc2 in decimal ASCII code.”

We sent our 2-stranded genome and planetary location digitally into space, a crop circle response showed the 3-stranded genome and planetary location of the consciousness creating the circle.


Ancient Sumerians considered Anunnaki Gods and depicted them in their clay tablets.

Nibiru is their artificial planet cicling the Sun initially in an elliptical trajectory of approximately 3600 earth years. Later the trajectory became inconsistent. 

Anunnaki were initially bird people. That is why They were depicted with eagle heads on basoreliefs of ancient t Mesopotamia present Irak. The basireliefs were brought in United States by Rockefeller and are exposed in the present st MET Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum.

They arrived on Earth aproximative 450,000 years ago.

Who are Igigi?

Sumerian tablets tak about 300 space people that were stationary on the moon Igigi that were used by Anunnaki to transport gold on Nibiru . The same male Anunnaki that came in earth complaining that they do not have women and produced a revolt against the Anunnaki rullers as per Zechariah Sitchin books.

Who is Enki?
The Annunakis or the Sky People on Earth were originally ancient Bird People twice your size generally described as blue giants.

Over millions of years they evolved into cyborgs and left Earth as ordered by Star Elder Council to live on their artificial planet Nibiru.

Ancient Sumerian texts mention an orbiting cycle of 3600 years, but this was only what was originally prescribed  and agreed upon in their mission to watch over the solar system.

They have since operated their planet size ship aling an irregular, unpredictable course as it pleases their domination agenda.

They later hybridized with reprilians like the Rakshasas inheriting much of their characteristics like shape shifting.  Other are represented in endless depictions and described en endless records.

They have been ruling your institutions and governments through an elite put in place and un charge by a covert network of secret occult orders infiltrated in of societies.

Ancient mythology tells how Seti or Seth or Satan murdered his father Ausar or Osiris ripped

off yhe eye if his brother Heru or Horus, rhe heavenly messenger. He out the evil eye on top of the pyramidal hierarchy , established a reign of terror, lies deceptions and cicealing the truth, through secret occult sicieties.

Thus us whe  the stargates were hijacked and used by conquering forces.

Ancient mitologies recall recurring vastness between benevolent and.malevolwnt forces ears between Anu and Enku and Enkil.and Masduk

For Greeks the Olympians gods purged the Earth from the rule of titans and cast them to Underworlds.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2 Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders.
The Conclusion of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity Conversation with Elder Kamooh. Chanelled Messagesnreceived and written by Sunbow editedband designed by Kelly Lapseritis 

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Levels of Civilization

At this point of its evolution Humanity has not yet reached the first level of planetary civilization chararterized by high spiritual values, peaceful relations and environmental balance, consisting in wise management protection and fair sharing of the limited resources, and the use of nonpolluting technologies with renewable and free energies.

Even on what you call the Kardashev scale a clasificarion of civilizations by their levels, Humanity has notnreaches the definition of the civilization of thenfirst level that can harnessed the full energetic potential of its planet.

On that scale, the second level describes a civilization that can use the energy of its star, while the third level defines one that can use the energy potential of its Galaxy.

Yet this vision is still limited to a very materialostic point of view without involving any of the spiritual evolution,  nor the knowledge of interdimensionality that are required.

Extras from the book
The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2 Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders.
The Conclusion of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity Conversation with Elder Kamooh. Chanelled Messages received and written by Sunbow edited and designed by Kelly Lapseritis 

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Extremely Ancient History and Exo Politics

Extract from the book

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2 Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders.

The Conclusion of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity Conversation with Elder Kamooh. Chanelled Messagesnreceived and written by Sunbow editedband designed by Kelly Lapseritis

The ancient hybrids of different species were implanted on Earth long before humanity have kept living or visiting the early environment and influencing it.

The first ones were the Elementals have been knows as the nature spiruts and have kept their spiritual.mission encouraging biodiversity development.

Sasquatch people have kept good relatiins with Elementals often meeting them. They can appear and travel in the shape of light orbs.

Their ancestors came form a neighboring Galaxy named Andromeda. They are only few inches tall in this dimensional plane.

Their skulks are large and round resembling helmets their intergalactic Journeys happen aboard huge intergalactic mothers hips, caryingbfleets of smaller orb ships or colored lights used for travel on a planetary scale. They.are generally kind and playful.

Their tiny mummies were uncovered in the Atacand Desert inn Nevada and Ireland.

The Elementals keept transcending physical bodies maintaining their interdimensionality.

1. The Fish Peoples range from simple animal instinctive consciousness to advanced civilization.  They live at the bottom of lakes, seas in oceans in underwater or flooded caves theybare named Mer Peoples or Amphibians creatures. They are alive today in Algonquin reserve Or Maniwaki.the Native tribes knowing them usually avoid all contacts.

The 8nsect people have been on this planet long before humans. They dug the most intricate network of caves and runels for the Underworld.

Underground cities or networks of tunnels have been found all.across Europe, Turkey,  Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, The Middle East, India  China the Andes, The Southwestern United States, Mexico, under cities like Paris, Rome, London, Washington or Los Angeles.

Advanced technologies discovered in deep caves  cUsed the invasion of Tibet,  Iraq, and Afganistan.Crimea met the same destiny when Underground pyramids dated millions of years were found in which at least one mummy of a reptilian king was discovered.

Under Los Angeles an Underground city was discovered in 1947 identified as built by Lizard People until the entrances were sealed and the discoveries silenced.

Underwater bases were spotted of the coast of Los Angeles explaining many accounts
of flying ships emerging from the ocean there, among which the well-documented case if the battle of Los Angeles in 1942, when the US Army engaged and fired on a large saucer shaped craft for six hours without affecting it in any visible way.

There are dozens of well.documented cases in which human military forces attacked unidentified flying crafts only to be met with superior weaponry or outpaced speed.

There are also several documented incidents in which space crafts hovered or flew above military bases, nuclear installations or power plants, and took over the command or blacked out the power, to show how their technology surpasses all human know  levels.

If the purpose was to conquer humanity with this technological advance, it would have been easily done long time ago.

Since thousands of years, rhe hybrid bloodlines if human rulling elite have been put and kept in power by their alien masters, providing them just enough technology to keep control over this home planet.

Sftrr the main body of the Nazo occult elite was repatriated to America to work on top secret Space Programs there was a wave of flying crafts observed.

While some.were the same ships that have been flying for ages, others were the first Human Built prototypes of anti-gravity crafts raising concern  among star faring species.

By the end of 1946 the operation high jump under Admiral Byrd did not go to Antarctica to attack kna secret Nazi base as said while the Nazi Elite was hired in the United States. It's mission was a rather desperate attempt in conquering an Underground base of the so called Nordic where Nazi have been taken and taught. The expedition was a complete failure. Rhe entire fleet could have been destroyed easily but were sent back andnwarned never to return. This is why the whole enterprise was erased from history.

In 1947 the famous Roswel incident happened as the result of microwave radar technology being developed with the Nazi scientists at the White Sand Military secret base. Which caused the crash of the flying disk.

Rhe alien being recovered were described as small greys.

New Deep Underground Military Bases like Area 51 or Dulce Base started to be built tonstudy the captives their biology,  psychic power and technology..

There was inly ine of a series of spaceships that were crashed by United States Russia and China to try to back engineer their technology.  Most of them were of the same type of the small greys, their ship being vulnerable to the gigabyte death rays that were developed and tested on alien space crafts.

Until.then the smallmgrays stated outside of human affairs without interfering in Earthy realms apart from flying between their Underworld and moon bases.

Thus wave of crashes caused concern among them and their Allies tall greys.

By then the smallmgreys abducted by human governments and kept captive in top secret underground bases had proven their psychic superiority and managed to negotiate meetings between their leaders and their human governments secretly abducting them.

This is how after a series of meetings held in deepest secrecy some United States government agencies under Eisenhower signed in 1954 Greada Treaty A code name for Grey Agenda in which they agreed to surrender a large part of Human Sovereignty on Earth un exchange for some technological advancement and advantages.

Grey Agends involves among other things:

1. Plans for ecocide and mass deportation to make room on Earth for the ancient hybrids that have lost control over this home planet.

2. Mind cintrok of the Masses through ignorance and desinformation.

3. Gradual and continual pollution of the environments and atmosphere raising the carbon level in the air as it used to be aeons in the past.

4. Poisoning of food and water supplies through chemical additions.

5.Genetic modification, spraying of chemtrails with toxic cocktails and nanobots affecting Humans and all biological life but not ancient t hybrids or their cyborgs robots.

6. The to gain back power over Earth with the ten percent of humans serving them.

7. The Greada Treaty also holds responsible the human governments for.preventing any disclosure of information about extraterrestrial or nonhuman intelligence  by the creation of fake research commissions producing false reports such as Project Blue Book which was meant to deny, explain away accounts sightings and whiteness.

8. A global secret psychic police corps operated by the greys themselves and known as Men in Black started appearing in mid fifties to intimidate and threaten whiteness disclosing UFO.

The name Grey does not apply for a ski  color but rather for the color if their aura which carry many heavy karmic loads and old wounds.

In the 1940 the unconscious power hungry human governments threw the first stone,   engaged in hostilities forcing small greys who has survived several near extinction before to require help.from their powerful Allies tall greys.

As a result it brought the submission of human societies into  a harsher slavery than ever speeding up rhe comming of a global tyrany attempting to deprive humanity of its spiritual sovereinity.

After surviving many  attles and losses in the Underworld at the hands of reptilian lords the Ant People migrated in mass to the Moon which ended up being destroyed.

They proceded in rebuilding a replica of the moon the one we see now. Theyncoated the engineered Hollow moon with thick layers of silica that absorb helium 3  from Sun radiation which they mine and use to propel their silvery disks hat shaped crafts with nuclear fusion as they originally used to do on the first moon.

Their Lunar bases and ships have been fhotographed by NASA. 

Through top secret (criminal- my comment) agreements and programs humans are taken there for experiments.

On and in the artifical how moon they devised a slave breed of biosynthetic cyborgs, silic based life forms of gender less clones easily reproducible at a fast rate and in large scale.  They have invulnerable immune system   no restrictive survival needs or instincts.

These cline are generally known as small greys. They have survived chemical, bacteriological, nuclear and genetic warfare in the Underworld. They obey to a hierarchy of diverse insect people with the Mantis type at their head.

They are submitted to Draconian reptoid interstellar Empire's but are local species.

Reptilian Hybrids later colonized and inhabited this home planet for aeons.

Human ancestors came from the sky on flying ships described as  shields, islands  boats, turtles, thunderbird, winged serpents, dragons,  gems, eggs, clowds, or other ships.

Ancient cultures have kept their memories of battles opposing demins. Depictions of space ships can be found in ancient art
Ancient t traditions recall intergalactic battles in which human ancestors were involved in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Humanity can free itself from old karmic entanglements and bindage slowing down its spiritual evolution by working out peace agreements with all.

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Greada Treaty

Roswell Incident happened as the result of microwave radar technology being developed by the Nazi scientists at the White Sands military secret base which caused the crash of the flying disk.

The alien being recovered were described as small greys.

New Deep Underground Military Bases like the Area 51 ornthe Dulce Base started to be built to study the captives their biology psychic power and technology.

Us Russia and China crashed and recovered a series of spaceships to try to back-engineere their technology.

Until then the small greys had stayed outside if human affairs without interfering in human realms appart from flying from Underworld and moon bases.

Theybstarted having concerns among them and they reptilian talk freys about humanity space conquest.

Small greys abducted human governments and kept captu e in top secret underground bases, and proved their psychic abilities managing to negotiate meetings between their leaders and human governments.

After a series of.meetings US agencies under Eisenhower signed in 2964 the Greada Treaty

A code name for Grey Agenda in which they agreed to surrender a  large part of suveranity on earth in exchange for somen technolov.

The Grey agenda include:
1  plans for ecocide
2. Deportation to make room on earth for the ancient hybrids that have lost control iover this home planet.
3.mind control of rhe masses through ignorance and desinformation.
4. Gradual and continual pollution of the environment and atmosphere raising the carbon level in the air as used to  e aeons in the past.
5 poisoning the food and the water supplies  through chemical additions.
6. Genetic modifications
7. Spraying of chemtrails with toxic cocktails  and nanobots affecting humans and all biological life  ut not the ancient t hybrids and their cyborgs.
8. The goal is to gain back power over Earth with 10% of Human serving them.
9.the Grenada Treaty also holds responsible the Human governments for preventing any disclose of information about extraterrestrial or  on human intelligence,   y the creation of fake research commissions such as Project Blue Book which was meant only to deny and ridicule records or witnesses.

The Treaty also stipulates that human governments must submit to a global dictatorship ruled by talk reptilian greys that must be kept in total secrecy until the time is deemed to ripe openly the tyrany.

A global secret psychic police corps, operated by the Grey themselves and known as Men in Black started appearing in mid fifties to threaten whiteness disclosing their UFO experiences .

The name greys does not apply for rhebskin color but rather the color of their auras which carry many heavy karmic loads.

Huma governments threw the first stone and engaged in  hostilities forcing small greys who had survived se real near extinction before, to require help.from the tall greys.

Extract from the book:
The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2 Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders.
The Conclusion of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity Conversation with Elder Kamooh. Chanelled Messagesnreceived and written by Sunbow editedband designed by Kelly Lapseritis