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Conversation with Enki

This material is an extract from the book The Seeders by Elena Danaan.

Enki is alive in 2023.
He had conversation wit Ekena Danaan in 2022 with the help of Thor Han the humanoid ET that she is in constant contact with.

Enki ship is spherical , was situated at that time close to Saturn.

Teleportation is the way people are transfered on that ship.

A device belt adjusted the frequency to the frequency of the Anunnaki ship for Elena Danaan.

The gravity on the ship is lighter and the smart suit that Elena use regulate the blood flow and avoid hearth damage. The smart suit is provided by Thor Han that is an officer of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Enki called Terra Ki.
His name was Custodian of Ki. Other name of Enki was Ea.

From their conversation we find that Enki is from Ashkera and Uru An Na. Their society is spread out to many Worlds,and the core center of their culture is in the Immaru system a parallel dimension of this one. Their prime homeland is named Ashtari.

Nibiru is the name of a vessel that theybhad the conversation on.l, the round ship. Nibiru is not a planet.Nibi-ru is a description of their original world Ashtari. The meaning Is "One of two" Nibi-ru or one of two civilizations.

Nibiru also means "The masters if the light Portal" or the Light Portal is also the name of the super Stargatr in the Oriin Nebuka Trapezium Cluster.

Ashkera is Sirius.

There was in the past a Galactic War or Orion War after which there was the rise of Nebu which is a race of Grey aliens.

Anunnaki do not  have a Hive mind but they do interact with the collective consciousness.

Enki told Elena Danaan that his soul is ancient , they do not live in the linear time, a d they are Ethernal.

Enki can jump from clone body to another. The reason is not to loose knowledge. Each of their corporeal existence are worth many thousands of years.

His half brother Enlil was in charge at the time of this Galactic sector where Earth or Terra is located.

He personally left Terra long time ago, after a lengthy reign but he trained armiestonstay and rulenupon of the slaves.

Enlil is alive.
Enkil is a title the same as Enki. His true name is Yu Enlil name. It means fire. N means master and can be heard as Ne.

The title Ne  Bu , Bu identified their Domain.

Enlil Or N-Li means Master of Power.
The first female hybrid that Enki the geneticist and scientist created was Llth.

Enlil design for humans of Terra was Enslavement.

The black head primates were already a compound of different interstellar races. The Guardians didn't leave any guidelines.

When Enkil discovered it he feared that. The great power if the Terra Humans would activate that they would learn about their true nature and surpass Anunnaki in consciousness intelligence and power.

The history of Anunnaki presence on Earth was recorded by humans epoch after it occurred.

Long before was carved on clay the stories were carries from mouth to ear from generation to. Generation.

Anunnaki came to mine resources on this planet.Not only gold although gold was the most difficult resource to extract.

Gold was a valuable component of their technology and theybextracted from it the dust of immortality.

That means they used monoatomic gold.The bio composition of thei bodies oscillate at a rate slightly inferior of monoatomic gold. Ingesting or coating their skin with it regenerate their cells and increase their immune defence system.

When they synchronize atomicalky with the vibratory rate of monoatomic gold their skin create a bright radiance that glows around them as a halo.

When they are taking monoatomic gold the natural degeneration of the cells resumes where it stopped. The more they take the longer the effects lasts.

That is until they reach Abra'ah the perpetual physicality which is a transmutation of the soul that locks the body vehicle into a still unalterable state.
Holly Graul is the Huma. DNA that was tempered by Anunnaki. According to Elena Danaan Enki brought back the chalice of the original unspoiled Terra Human lineaage that need to be reactivated and the original sequence key will do this when transfered onto altered pattern.

DNA is a currency for it carries the formulas required to replicate other forms if intelligence throughout the universe.

According to Enki in his conversation with Elena Danaan  his half brother Enlil split the Science in several strands of disciplines and was compartmentalized.

These disciolies were cleverly driven to clash against each other so that Science never becomes whole again.

But humans of Terra or Ki as Enki call the Earth, found the way. Science is about to be whole agin.

Enki talks further about ancient times when he participated to the genetic modification of human race for the purpose of Enslavement to the extraterratrial Anunnaki.

The primitive humanoids creatures they called black heads. They were extremely curious. Anunnaki allowed them to visit their ships. These primitives turned out to be very handy at helping Igigiworkers in their work. Anunnaki provided terrans food, tools and clothing in exchange.

Igigi were a subclass of Anunnaki as per Enki explanation. They rebelled and were dealt with. Some escaped to the underground of Terra.

Enkil was concerned with the debit of production and was decided to study the genes if early humans the black heads for the purpose of improving their capacities.

Enki and Enkil decided but Enki was in charge of genetic manipulation. It was decided to upgrade only their bodies. The original project was to create a race of slaves. Enkil talks about how he got all DNA strands activated in a female after many imperfect experiments.

When enkil found about the results he cast them out of the laboratory on their ship and a great war started.

The biodome where Enki conducted the genetic experiments was called EDEN.

Enlil turned Marduk Enki's son against him against Enki, and he engineered droughts,  floods and many other "natural" disasters to give a lesson in humility to the humans of Ki (Earth).

Enki helped few humans to escape these disasters and find refuge in safe places.

Enlilnwas furious with Enki and he felt betrayed, thinking that Enki raised these humans as sovereign rebels against him.

Enki saved the original genetic codes because Enlil would also try to destroy them.

Later Enki left the unit and took these codes with him. He left a gift  encoded in what you call DNA. This gift has always been there. It is the key to unlock this power to reactivate all the codons that was missing.

The key was brought back by Enki.

Here he further explains about great Secrets.

Encrypted in the DNA there are great secrets such as mind resonance communication.

Desoxyribonucleic acid is a transmitter and a receiver beyond space and time. It can generate micro magnetic wormholes bridging even to distant galaxies.

DNA transfers information it receives to the cells if the host body,  but as well to the consciousness that inhabits it.

This is called Inter dimensional thought transference. This ability explains intuition,  extra sentience, healing and self-regeneration, translicatiin in space and time.

There are two coils that are a power device. Fully activated DNA vibrates at the rate of quartz, and when the coils awakens the power generated is prodigious.

This power is the key they tried to destroy it. They never could because humans are spirited; they never loose hope.

They always crave for knowledge because it is in their nature.

The Grail is the unaltered original genetic sequence.

There are more strands in the Terra huma genome that need to be reactivated and the original sequence key will do this when transfered onto the altered pattern.

DNA is a currency for it carries the formulas required to replicate other forms of intelligence throughout the universe.

The Intergalactic Confederation have templates and archives all o f them.

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H. Stern is a luxury jewelry brand. The company was founded in Brazil in 1945 by German-Jewish immigrant Hans Stern, whose son, Roberto Stern, currently runs the company. H. Stern initially specialized in precious stones before moving to design focused jewelry. The family owned company does not disclose its sales but it has over 150 stores, located in Latin America, United States, Europe & Asia.

The company is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where it controls the handmade production of all its jewelry. The first H. Stern store opened on the Rio de Janeiro docks in 1949, the point of arrival for international passengers on cruise ships.

In the 1990s, under the direction of Hans’ eldest son Roberto Stern, currently the President and Creative Director of the company, H. Stern went through an extensive restructuring process. In the product development area, the company started to observe and interpret behavioral, style and fashion trends, and launched collections inspired by several celebrities such as musician Carlinhos Brown (1999), artist Anna Bella Geiger (2000), the stylist and cultural icon Diane von F├╝rstenberg (2004), architect Oscar Niemeyer and the Grupo Corpo dance company from the state of Minas in Brazil (2009). One of the latest is a collection of rings inspired by the Disney and Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland.

Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Sharon Stone and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all worn H. Stern's designs  
Hans Stern (October 1, 1922 – October 26, 2007) was a Brazilian jeweler and businessman. He was dubbed the "king of the colored gems" by The New York Times and acclaimed by the international media. Founder of world-renowned luxury jewelry brand H.Stern.  

Stern started his career in the gemstone industry when he began working at the Rio de Janeiro-based company, Cristab, which exports precious stones and minerals from Brazil. Stern traveled to Minas Gerais state as part of his job, where he came to know the local miners.[1] He also became familiarized with many of the precious stones that were mined in the area, including topazes, tourmalines and amethysts. He became fascinated by the vibrant gems of Brazil and decided to promote them internationally, targeting foreign travelers. In doing so, he gave birth to a new industry.

Stern founded his company, H. Stern, in 1945, in order to market Brazilian gemsThere was no real market for Brazilian gemstones at the time.His company would eventually grow into a multinational jewelry empire. Stern and his company trained a large number of young Brazilian jewelers as H. Stern gained customers and market credibility. His work propelled the Brazilian jeweler industry up to international standards. Stern was also the first to create a worldwide warranty certificate, and to offer tours of his workshops to present the creative and production process with integrity and transparency. One of his main goals in life was achieved when important international gemological institutes revised the old "semi-precious" definition of colored stones and began referring to them since as "precious colored stones". Stern coined the phrase, "There is no semi-precious stone as there is no semi-pregnant woman or semi-honest man".

Stern's company, H. Stern, grew into a retail chain of more than 160 stores throughout the world.[1] The first international boutiques appeared in Frankfurt, Lisbon and New York City in the 1970s. For many decades the company focused its creations on Hans' beloved colored gems, although Stern also won several Diamonds International Awards and other prizes for avant garde diamond designs.

Always a visionary, Stern led the business to another phase of international expansion by entering in the Basel Jewelry and Watch Fair in Basel, Switzerland, in 2003 for the first time.[1] From the jewelry and watch fair, he was able to establish a growing network of contacts and partnerships throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East adding another 150 points of sale to the network, through retail partnerships with department stores and specialty retailers.

H. Stern boutique in The Crystals (Las Vegas)

As of late 2007, there are now 160 stores which are family owned and operated in 13 countries, and 150 shop in shops in another 19 countries Hans' jewelry and gemstones have been featured in a number of international fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle. His gems are often worn by celebrities. The H. Stern jewelry line is also now sold in upscale stores in cities as far away from Brazil as Frankfurt, New York City, Paris, Moscow, Mexico City, and Tel Aviv.

Stern's favorite gemstone was the tourmaline, a stone which is commonly found throughout Minas Gerais.


Hans Stern died on October 26, 2007, in Rio de Janeiro at age 85 Stern had been hospitalized for days before his death.[1] He was survived by his wife, Ruth, whom he married in 1958.Together the couple had four sons - Roberto, Ricardo, Ronaldo and Rafael.

 1939 Stern Presence in Brazil

Of the world's top four jewelry concerns, the Stern company is the only one with fully vertical operations — mining, cutting, manufacturing, designing, wholesaling, retailing and exporting. Still privately owned by Mr. Stern and his family, the company does not release any financial figures but estimates in the domestic jewelry trade here place its annual sales this year at about $25‐million.

The hectic pace of the thin ‐ mustachioed jeweler since he arrived in Brazil in 1939 with a penniless family from Nazi Germany has earned him some criticism from others in the trade.

Most of it involves aggressive—but by no means unethical — marketing techniques. Tourists checking into Brazilian hotels, for example, frequently find Stern sales literature has already arrived.

Personal contact with a customer is a company watchword.





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The Arcs Ancient Technology of the Seeders

We present here information from the book "The Seeders Return of the Gods" by Elena Danaan

The Seeders have been back since October 2021, and their presence activated the ancient technology they have left behind in out solar systemna very long time ago.

The seeder's own frequency is the activation key.

Until now no one not even the Galactic Federation or the Andromedans could switch what is called The Arcs back on.

These arcs were placed throughout our solar system but mostly on Earth buried under soil or water.

They have been now activated. All ancient Arcs receptacle of the knowledge of the founders have awaken.

The signal pulsed once again from the mothership of the Galactic Confederation since theybarived in our star system via old Stargate behind Jupiter.

Theybare now dtationed in the orbit of Ganymee to witness the awakening of the people of Terra and their victory upon ages of slavery.

The Earth Aliance is unfolding the plan elaborated with the Intergalactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Worlds of Nataru exposing what was hidden until this day.

Long time ago the Intergalactic Confederation had several colonies in this star system located on Nara(Venus(, Terra, it's moon Luna, Tyr (Mars) and on the fifth planet.

Refugees from the Man Wars (Lyrans) arrived in these Arcs and built their ground colonies around them. Entirencities were built around them, and in some places you can find what Terrans call "Hall of Records". Pyramids generators are also to be found in the vicinity of these Arcs.

Many Arcs are interfaced with each other by Portals.

When the fleet of the Intergalactic Confederation approached this star system the Arcs were activated. The return of the Seeders marks the beginning of the new era.

Two archeological discoveries are imminent on Terra. The truth carved in Stone will flow like water.

The Arcs look like elongated or discordant. Some are miles long.  Crystal technology.

The Intergalactic Confederation largely uses crystalline material to transcend densities, that a built structure can simultaneously exist as solid in several densities.

Core engines are powered by crystals, Portals are made of fluid crystals, as are time devices,  pyramidal energy generators. Density belts are made if nano-crystals. Artificial Intelligence can also be easily embedded into crystals.

The buried ships have activated at the arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation.

They received a signal and responded by resonance due to proximity of mother fleet.

Certain ships are living entities.
Earth Alliance is in charge of everything. 

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Among Latin Americans, gringo is a term for a “foreigner,” often a white person from the United States. It can also refer to a person who doesn't speak Spanish or is out of touch with Latin culture, including people of Hispanic descent.

The story goes that the U.S. military wore green coats when they were marching through Mexican territory. In response, the Mexicans would say, “Green go home!” These words meshed together and the word gringo was born.

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Attention Powers


Human emphatic, telepathic, observing, and aware powers have NOT undergone research and development during the modern period.

Indeed, even definitions for the terms have remained sparse, absent, or confusing, while many of their early substantive meanings have been declared archaic and obsolete.

Attention is still not identified as a significant human power and thus the direct connection of attention to empowerment has never been discussed.

The term attention is drawn from the term attend which is taken from the Latin word ad + tendere, which is defined as “to stretch to” something. Hence the earliest English definition, circa 1300, is given as “to direct the eyes, ears, mind, energies to anything.”

But there is a familiar phenomenon many experience, a phenomenon known from ancient times, having to do with focusing attention on the back of another head, and having that head turn around to look-see who or what.

Indeed, the ancient Greeks thought that the eyes had the power of focusing a kind of energy power and stretching it out until it touched someone in some energetic way sufficient enough to call forth some kind of response.

Between 1925 and the fall of the Soviet Union, this phenomenon was tested within the context of Soviet bio-information transfer research not only between individuals in the sight of each other, but across larger distances. The attention-stretching-out phenomenon was found to exist in both the near and far aspects.

The stretching-out type of attention is an output of some kind, and if the energies involved are focused and have strength, the stretching-out equates, fair and square, to a power projection. Like human powers of awareness, the human powers of attention are two-fold, i.e., passive and active, intake and output.

The psychiatric dictionary (compiled by Robert J. Campbell, 5th Ed., 1981) defines attention as “Conscious and wilful focusing of mental energy on one object or one component of a complex experience and at the same time excluding other emotional or thought content.”


Feeling Blue Lately Geoengineering Has Something to do With It

Yo think is not real? 
Check this website:

The government finance these projects. Check for how long have they been doing that. 

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Personal Power


The powers of individuals may be blocked, hampered, confused, ineffective, defeated, distorted, or mind-programmed into empowerment conditions.

The powers may have been educated to non-effective levels, adulterated, intimidated, willingly or unwillingly suppressed by yourself or by others, and polluted with anti-power considerations. But the powers exist even so.

One’s sense of power may even be intellectually and emotionally confused. Or it may simply be that others don’t want you to manifest your power, and have taken active, preventive measures to prevent its consolidation within you.

Take paper and pencil and list ten of the times during your life you did feel powerful. Then write down each item, and beside it make a note of what happened because you were powerful at that time. When you have finished that list study it well several times.