Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mind Vril and Matter

Mind in itself is a great principle the exact nature of which cannot be grasped by the ordinary mind. 

Thought on the contrary is the manifestation of mind assisted by Vril.

Mind is the original cause of thought processes just as it employs the fine matter of the brain cells in these processes.

When we recognize the co-existence and co-ordination of Mind Vril and Matter we are able to perceive the real underlying causes of the phenomena of thought.

Physical science is wrong when attempts to limit the activities of Vril or vital force or nerve force or prana to the particular  human body in which is generated or stored.

Psychic phenomena is explained only when the long distance effect of Vril is perceived and admitted.

The mind cannot produce effect at a distance without the employments of the power of Vril. 

Those who assert that thoughts are things are right as far as they go but they do not go far enough. A thought cannot be generated without Vril. Neither can be projected to a distance without a peculiar employment of Vril.

It is only when the triangle of being Mind Vril and Matter is recognized that one's full powers and energies may be manifested.

from the book Outfoxong Destiny The Nature of Vril Harnessing the Secrets of Vital Magnetism by Valiant Thor.

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